Founder Message

Since last four decade, I have been working in various fields. Such as a education, Politics, Social Work and Co-operative sector as a school teacher, I have special affectation for education. As education is light, education is the way to a higher purpose, Mula Education Society is our humble efforts to bring education at the reach of rural peoples, that they need, that they desire.
In four decades we have come a long way Mula Education Society. What started as a humble dream is now a revolution. Around 17000 students enrolled every year in our campuses of schools, Science Colleges, Technical and Medical professional courses. At present India is country of youth. A nation of young minds who are creative and eager to learn and develop a new technology, I am extremely delighted to see students from rural area contributing in development there society and nation with there knowledge and hard work.
It's my sincere belief that in today era of technology that urges for the utmost need of overall development of a student. We have been always taking efforts to provide world class and value based education through our various educational endeavors. I believe that our students will not only be know as professional but will also be appreciated as model citizens who will make nation to lead the world.