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Mula Education Society, Sonai perched on auspicious land of the river Mula basin, was established on January 31, 1979. MES aimed at imparting education to the rural masses. Hon MLC Yashwantraoji Gadakh Patil, the founder president, envisioned a bright future for the rural students. As a result MES made its first Endeavour by opening Mula Public School to disseminate education through English medium.


Basket Ball
At last he outwitted every one on the ground.

Kho Kho
We don't even neglect our Indian rural sports. Kho Kho has remained our pride, since long till today, producing 18 national medalists and 75 state winners.

We are not lagging behind in hockey too 20 National medalists and 75 state winners in Hockey are enlisted.

We also train the children in football, 50 students are enlisted at the state level and 10 at the national level.

Marshal Arts
Children are well trained in marshal arts. It is must to make them perfect in self defence.

A splashing event in deep waters. A lively view of a newly constructed swimming pool.

Rope Climbing
UP! UP! UP! to the top and the peak. One of the trainings of Military Patterns, that strengthens your mind and makes you mentally and physically strong.

Archery is an ancient Indian Sport. It inculcates, concentration in aiming the 'Target'. Why should our boys lag behind in it?

The exercises which are about to vanish from our sight. We train our children in it.

Our boys on wheels! They are keeping up the pace with the speedy world.

Meditation for physical and mental fitness is also not neglected performing different 'Asanas' and 'Surya Namaskar' is the speciality of our kids.

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2. Science Exhibition

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